Though her life was short she touched the lives of so many. Her story is one of strength, character, grace, love and compassion. She was born on April 29,2009 but her story begins way before then...

Monday, September 7, 2009

A New Blessing

Abigail has blessed us again, Brian and I found out that we are expecting once again. By no means did we plan this and in my heart I fell it went a little something like this, Abigail walked up to god and said Father my mommy and daddy need another little blessing to help fill the hole in their hearts and God said you are right I will give them another little one. Finding out that I was going to have another little baby filled my heart with so many emotions, one being sadness it made me miss Abigail a little more, but another one being hope that we will have a health baby this time and that God will find it in his heart to allow us to keep this baby with us for longer than a month. We have along ways to go I am only 13 weeks and will have to have some test done to insure that this baby is indeed health and if not that we are not caught off guard again. On top of all our joy we have got news that Brian will be deploying for nine months but he said he is not worried for he has his very own saint to look after him. In my heart I hope for another little girl so I can some what honor my first born and give her Abigail has her middle name and in hope that by having that name she has strength to do anything, but if it is a boy we will not be sad because it will be one more person who we can share Abigail's story too. I know that this baby will be loved and looked after by not only family and friends but also by their big sister who will look and love from heaven. I am so excited and can not wait, for I know that Abigail had something to do with this pregnancy and it is just another thing on my list of thing that I will have to thank her for when I see her next.