Though her life was short she touched the lives of so many. Her story is one of strength, character, grace, love and compassion. She was born on April 29,2009 but her story begins way before then...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thought of you

Was just sitting watching TV and saw a little baby girl on the commercial with a cleft lip and thought oh my how time has gone by and how big Abigail would be right now, Her lip would have been fixed by now, even though I didn't want it to be. I miss her every day and some time like to think what she would be up to now, would she be playing on the floor with her baby toys laughing and giggling, or would she want to be held and snuggled. I like to think that she would like to be snuggled in her mommies arms, but that's just me. she had started to smile kind of, people told me it might have been gas but she was smiling at me I know. I just really missed her today alot.